LED Vidella System

Decorate your interior with light! The LED system is a unique decoration system for rooms, designed for independent assembly by the customer. The presented solution is even several times cheaper than the traditional constructions (such as e.g. suspended ceiling). In order to assemble the system on the wall you do not have to use professional aid or be an electrician. The placement of 120 diodes per 1 running meter makes the light intense and perfectly diffused. 

Light up your living room

The application of the lighting board as a decorative element is one of the most popular trends in the recent years with regards to the arrangement of interiors.

It is possible to light up wall and ceiling at the same time.

Your idea of the interior

The living room is the place where the whole family can relax - it watches TV, eats meals and talks to each other. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and is willing to spend time in it. Hence, the crucial role of lighting - the LED board will be perfect as the additional source of light.

Focus your attention on details

If you want to focus the people’s attention on the pictures or photographs hanging on the wall, there is nothing simpler than the use of the LED lighting board with the set of special hooks (the weight of the hanged elements - up to 5 kg).

Illuminate your ceiling

The illumination of the ceiling is one of the most popular trends in the decoration of interiors during the recent years. The assembly of our board, contrary to the traditional suspended ceiling, is much simpler and faster and does not require the employment of the building professionals.

How to illuminate your interiors?

The lighting boards mounted several centimetres from the ceiling emit both delicate and cosy as well as clear and strong light, which can successfully replace the additional standing or ceiling lighting or wall lamps. If you are looking for an original idea for lighting your interiors, the LED board is exactly what you need!

Picture hanging system

Owing to the application of special hooks, the LED system allows the pictures, photographs and graphics to be hanged. You do not have to drill in the wall to decorate your office!

Ceiling lighting...

In order to light the ceiling you do not have to mount an expensive suspended ceiling! LED board, one afternoon and...that is it! The LED lighting will make your interiors look elegant and modern.

...lighting of the wall...

If you always wanted to light the elements hanging on the wall such as pictures or photographs, the LED lighting will help you emphasise the relevant details.

...and two directions of light!

Owing to the use of the set of two power supplies, the board may be lit in two directions, uniformly lighting both the wall and the ceiling of the room.

Step 1: Mark the place for the board assembly

The simplicity of the assembly is one of the greatest advantages of our system. You will light the walls with the LED light in one afternoon and without the help of professionals!

At the beginning, mark the place for the assembly of the board on the wall.

Step 2: Assemble the supporting board

Drill a hole in the wall and assemble the board on the wall, using pegs.

Step 3: Glue the power supply to the supporting board and attach the LED band

Glue the power supply to the supporting board by means of the two-sided tape attached to the set and connect the LED strip to it. The power supply may be installed both on the left and on the right side. The LED system allows the installation of one or two power supplies.

Step 4: Assemble the decorative boards

Apply the decorative board on the supporting board - the board is press-fit without using any adhesive.

Step 5: Mask the board joints and paint them

Mask the board joints by means of acrylic and paint it with the colour selected by you.

Step 6: Picture suspension system

After assembling and painting the decorative board on the supporting board, we can hang pictures or photographs. For this purpose, assemble the LED picture suspension system on the supporting bar.